Customer Retention and

the Window of Opportunity

When you have different types of customers, it can be hard to know which ones need more focus. And although it's nice to say "all customers", market-spend usually says otherwise. Our client—who had launched a successful product—was in a stage of maturation.

To continue independent operations, their goals were to keep budgets reigned-in, and outside investments small. RICO helped them understand how customers interacted with their product, and which one's gave them the best shot at achieving the scale they desired.


First we identified 2 types of customers,
one-timers, and loyalists, and discovered that after
an average of 49 days, the one-timers were likely
to never return…


The analysis revealed that Loyal Customers spend more than three times the amount that New Customers spend.


We concluded that targeting efforts on converting new customers to loyal customers would not only halt the declining customer base, but increase the value of existing customers.

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