Re-envisioning Australia's Architectural collaboration platform.

Archipedia connects suppliers and specifiers and provides a collaboration platform for Architectural services. RICO reengineered a user-friendly solution, that transformed disparate cumbersome catalogs, into searchable, relevant content.
Real user testimonials provide a marketing voice to new users that’s entirely community driven.
The homepage feature allows Archipedia to push important news, features and offer helpful tips. The modular space keeps the site consistent and uncluttered.
New Corporate Note System
RICO built a custom private note system that allows Archipedia users to communicate with their teams about suppliers and products. This made Archipedia a product of daily use and reference allowing its customers to make decisions on products and companies to work with.
The Archipedia iconography system is unfussy, concise, and understood. Designed to complement the process and style of those in the architectural industry.
Custom Platform
RICO’s experience with Ektron enabled Archipedia to continue its product on the platform while modernizing its user interface for an improved experience. RICO’s multi-platform, multi-language team provided a single point of contact for all digital improvements. From .net to php, Ektron to Wordpress, RICO helped elevate Archipedia’s business solutions for connecting with the Australian architectural industry.
Milan Trip
To drive membership, Archipedia also worked with RICO’s design team to create a campaign for its Milan give away a trip to the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile. The campaign pairs Italy's grand, ancient architecture with their modern, elegant, simplicity. RICO created the art direction for the sweepstakes and designed both digital and printed materials to promote the campaign.
Email Marketing with
The "Sketch" email newsletter creates on-going user engagement, offering promotions, industry news, and articles. Designed with modular components that control consistency, but enable easy content insertion.
Extending Community with Wordpress
RICO also designed and implemented a custom blog theme utilizing Wordpress CMS for easy publishing. This provided Archipedia the opportunity to extend its conversation about its Architects and Specifiers and feature the best of what the Australian architecture community has to offer.

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